We study on the infectious diseases of aquatic organisms.


Jul. 29, 2019 Our manuscript “First discovery of Perkinsus beihaiensis in Mediterranean mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) in Tokyo Bay, Japan.” was accepted for publication in Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, In Press (Itoh N, Komatsu Y, Maeda K, Hirase S, Yoshinaga T).
Jul. 14, 2019 Our manuscript “Characterization of the proteases in the parasitic stage of Cryptocaryon irritans, and in vitro and in vivo effects of protease inhibitors on cryptocaryoniasis.” was accepted for publication in Diseases of Aquaculture (Watanabe, Y., How, K. H., Zenke, K., Itoh, N., Yoshinaga, T). Ref.
Jun. 15, 2019 Our manuscript “Mortality of spats of Manila clum Ruditapes philippinarum experimentally challenged with the protozoan parasite Perkinsus olseni.” was accepted for publication in Fish pathology (Waki T, Yoshinaga T).
May. 8, 2019 Our manuscript “Parallel studies confirm Francisella halioticida causes mortality in Yesso Scallops Patinopecten yessoensis.” was accepted for publication in Diseases of Aquatic Organisms (Kawahara, Yoshinaga and Itoh; collaboration with DFO Canada). Ref.
Apr. 22, 2019 The first educational department for fisheries in Myanmar, Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, was launched in University of Yangon. Dr. Kay Lwin Tun, taking PhD in our laboratory, assumed the professor in this department.
Mar. 31, 2019 Dr. Hiroshi Yokoyama moved and assumed Professor in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Okayama University of Science.
Mar. 20, 2019 Our manuscript “A novel paramyxean parasite, Marteilia tapetis sp. nov. (Cercozoa) infecting the digestive gland of Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum from the southeast coast of Korea.” was accepted for publication in Jornal of Invertebrate Pathology (Naoki Itoh; collaboration with Jeju National University). Ref.
Mar. 8, 2019 Dr. Itoh had a presentation “Novel insights in differentiation of Perkinsus olseni trophozoites into prezoosporangia” in Aquaculture 2019 held in New Orleans LA.
Mar. 8, 2019 Our manuscript “Worm Cataract of Hatchery-Reared Japanese Dace Tribolodon hakonensis Caused by Diplostomum sp. (Digenea: Diplostomidae).” was accepted for publication in Fish Pathology (Norihiko Komatsu, Naoki Itoh, Kazuo Ogawa). Ref.
Mar. 2-4, 2019 Dr. Barbara Nowak, a professor of University of Tasmania, came to our laboratory, and we had a seminar on our recent researches.
  • Nymphonella tapetis
  • Red sea bream farm
  • Red sea bream farm
  • Marine white spot disease
  • Tidal flat
  • Manila clams
  • Seriola dumerili
  • Seriola dumerili
Photographs (from top left)
Larva of Nymphonella tapetis, Red sea bream farm, Red sea bream infected with C. irritans,
Tidal flat in Ariake Sea, Manila clams, Seriola dumerili.